History of the Club

After many months of meetings to find the right format, the Club was formed in 1990 as a separate entity from the Football, Cricket and Tennis clubs with the aim of providing changing and social facilities for all members. Any profits were to be reinvested to improve the facilities. Initially there were teething problems but eventually the success of the venture was seen with the addition of new changing rooms, a tarmac drive and car park and the extension, now known as the Chiltern Room.

The Club became one of the focal points for the local community hosting the annual Fun Run charity presentation and a very popular Jazz Night. The Club also organized a senior citizens New Years party every January.

By the late 1990’s fresh ideas were needed and with Gavin Lance in the “chair” he drove the Club forward. He introduced “big screen events” resulting in large audiences for all sporting formats, especially football and rugby World Cups and Ashes cricket. The success of the Millenium New Years Eve Ball, which was attended by over 500 members and guests, led to the Club hosting other village events such as the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002 and VE Day commemorations in 2005 which included an American Big Band. An annual beer festival has proved to be very popular.

The Club is now managed by Eddie Bellamy who continues to drive it forward. The facilities, which contain a new bar, are looked upon enviously by many visiting football and cricket teams and are regularly used for family celebrations.